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About Us

At The Homestead Box, we are homesteaders for homesteaders. We lean on our local community of gardeners, farmers, ranchers, and all around homesteaders for the best practices and ideas that will help us (and you!) continue forward with our self-sufficient, sustainable, lifestyle.

Our network of seasoned homesteaders span our rural, urban, and suburban landscape. From small farm acreages, sprawling back yards, and full size green houses to back porches, small balconies, and urban rooftops, we strive to improve the skill set and knowledge base of our entire nation wide community.

Our Staff comes from a varied background of market gardeners, agriculturists, preppers, survivalists, ranchers, backyard livestock raisers, and backyard poultry enthusiasts. We have been eating our own home grown food for quite some time. On any day you could find us in a deer stand looking to fill our freezers with “locally sourced” meat, in a stream fishing out red bellies or in our gardens pulling weeds and harvesting the best tomatoes. We are practical people that use common sense homesteading practices that we think you can benefit from. We want to send you the tools that help us get the job done. We want to send you the most useful educational materials that have helped us over the years, and we want to send you materials that aren’t always easy to find.

We have spent years building a network in and out of the industry. These relationships have helped us to weed out gimmicks and stick to the innovations and old techniques that just plain work. We are always willing to learn, because at the end of the day, the best practice wins. Let us pass this on to you. We are passionate about walking side by side with our subscribers to accomplish something greater—a sustainable, simple life.

Remember, you can Homestead Anywhere.