Merry Christmas to All Our Fellow Homesteaders!

The Very Manly : Premium Gift
The Very Manly : Premium Gift
The Very Manly : Premium Gift
The Very Manly : Premium Gift
The Very Manly : Premium Gift
The Very Manly : Premium Gift

The Very Manly : Premium Gift

The Homestead Box
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The Very Manly : Premium Homestead Gift Box will get any man's blood pumping for a deep woods adventure. The first item that he will be drawn to is the traditional and fully functional Condor Outdoors Compact Axe. The axe is perfectly balanced with an American Hickory hardwood handle and sharp 1045 carbon steel head. He will feel like Davey Crockett when he returns it to the included leather belt sheath. This tool will last a lifetime and probably be handed down to his grandson. No axe is worth its salt if it dulls. We thought of that too when we included the Famous Lansky Puck. Small but effective at sharpening any tool, it can stow away easily in any pack. For detail work a man needs a smaller blade, just like the Opinel Folding Knife. This sturdy, simple designed knife means less problems and more durability over a lifetime. Keep it sharp and clean with the included Marbles Compound and the Leather Strop.

While trudging in the muck and mire your boots and gear need some TLC. The Saddle Soap and included brush will clean and preserve any leather on or off the trail. Constantly make notations as you go, create maps, draw animal tracks, all in your Field Notes so you remember your excursion. Every woodsman should be prepared for the worst when entering the darkest forest, and the included Watertight Survival and Storm Proof Match Kits will be a great addition to any day pack. The ability to perform basic medical treatment and create fire for warmth, security, or signaling is critical. When fire is not an option for a signal or working light, pull out your Snaplight Emergency Stick for a quick light. If an audible signal is needed, the ICE whistle can get help from a distance even when you cant get a visual.

Don't just survive the woodlands, thrive in them with The Woodland Homestead and make Nature your dwelling place. Learn all the skills needed to make it just like the Hunters and Trappers did in history long past. Create the homestead you only dreamed about.



  • Watertight Survival Kit

  • Opinel Folding Knife

  • Stormproof Match Kit

  • Lansky Puck

  • Single Leather Brush

  • Saddle Soap

  • Field Notes

  • Ice Whistle

  • Snaplight Emergency Stick

  • Condor Axe

  • Marbles Six Piece Compound Set

  • Leather Mini Strop

  • The Woodland Homestead