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Hunt & Gather : Premium Gift
Hunt & Gather : Premium Gift
Hunt & Gather : Premium Gift

Hunt & Gather : Premium Gift

The Homestead Box
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Hunt & Gather : Premium Homestead Gift Box is a back to the basics of early civilization. When a man was expected to carry a blade at all times and literally put food on the table with his bare hands. The focal point of this box is the Barebones Hori Hori fixed blade tool. Designed as a true multi tool, it features a gut hook, a saw back edge, and a slicing edge (see video below). The double sided Hori Hori also comes with a heavy duty belt sheath to allow secure carry and protect the carbon steel blade.  This tool will last a lifetime and probably be handed down for generations.  For detail work you need a smaller blade, just like the Opinel Folding Knife. This sturdy, simple designed knife means less problems and more durability over a lifetime (see video below). Keep it sharp and clean with the included Marbles Compound and the Leather Strop. Constantly make notations as you hunt, create maps, draw animal tracks, all in your Field Notes so you remember your excursion and learn from your experience. When fire is not an option for a signal or working light, pull out your Snaplight Emergency Stick for a quick light. When not hunting make sure you have your garden growing as a supplement with our Homestead Box Garden Planting Chart. It will make sure you plant the right crop at the right time for maximum success. When in the woods, make sure you avoid poisonous plants with our easy to read and follow Poisonous Plants Guide. Finally learn how to Hunt your Game, Gather Your Harvest, and Cook your Vittles from the expertly written Hunt, Gather, Cook Book.


Barebones Hori Hori from Barebones on Vimeo.


  • Hori Hori Fixed Blade Tool

  • Opinel Folding Knife

  • Field Notes

  • Snaplight Emergency Stick

  • Marbles Six Piece Compound Set

  • Leather Mini Strop

  • Hunt, Gather, Cook Book